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Delicious woodfired pizza and enticing handmade pasta are waiting for you at Casa Nova Italian Restaurant and Bar.

Whether you want an intimate date night or a celebration with your friends or family. Casa Nova venues combine comfortable seating with talented chefs and brilliant front-of-house staff.

You’ll be hard-pressed to draw your eyes from the table once the food arrives. Casa Nova is a mecca for lovers of Italian cuisine. Handmade pasta and woodfired pizza are calling cards for the venue — but there’s more. Seafood, steaks, and vegetarian delicacies are also on offer.

We celebrate our local produce with our wine list. Many New South Wales vineyards are featured here, with tap beer from around the world also readily available for you to try.

Finally, you can finish your meal with a decadent dessert, be it a traditional tiramisu or a rich Nutella pizza.


Are you tired of low-quality pizza with little flavour? Do you dread the thought of preparing your own frozen pizza? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to get your pizza fixed? If so, stop by Casa Nova Italian Restaurant & Bar in Green Hills, Toronto, or Honeysuckle, NSW, and try our delicious Italian wood-fired pizza.

Our pizza quality, depth of flavours and variety of menu items are sure to please everyone in your party, whether you’re dining in, ordering takeaway, or having it delivered.


Casa Nova Italian Restaurant & Bar is committed to quality with every pizza we bake. Our unique pizzas will satisfy your taste buds with their fresh flavours and ingredients. Each pizza is also baked to perfection with the perfect contrast of a crispy, browned-to-perfection crust paired with just the right amount and temperature of melted cheese and an array of tasty toppings.

Once you sample our Italian wood-fired pizzas, you’ll have a difficult time going back to anything else. The light, smoky essence from the wood-burning fire combined with the enhanced flavour and retained nutrients from our fresh ingredients make for the ideal pizza combination, perfect for the pizza connoisseur and enthusiast alike.

Additionally, when you come by our restaurant, you don’t have to deal with unreasonable wait times while we prepare and cook and your pizza because another benefit of wood-fired pizza is that it cooks quickly. You’ll get a fresh, warm pizza straight off of the fire in mere minutes thanks to the high temperature of the flames.


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