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or Any Events in Newcastle

Venue for Your Birthday Party

How to Pick Venue for Your Birthday Party
or Any Events in Newcastle

When it comes to birthday parties, many factors go into choosing a venue. You need to consider the size of your guest list, whether you want a private or semi-private space, and what amenities will be available. For example, do you have any dietary restrictions? Is the venue close enough to your home, so guests don't have to travel far? There are a whole bunch of details to think about when planning a birthday party!

The Right Location

Location is one of the most important factors when planning a birthday party. It's got to be accessible in terms of both distance and transport, as well as easy to find.

If your venue is close enough to walk from the function venue, you know there will be no trouble getting everyone there for their first drink! And if it's not too far out of town, you can make it part of an itinerary day trip for friends and family – which makes for an even more memorable experience.

Size and Capacity of the Venue

When deciding on a venue, you first need to consider the size and capacity of the room. This will depend on how many guests you plan to invite. A good idea is to determine how much space your guests will require. If you have any special needs that need to be catered for, then make sure these are included in your contract with your function venue, so there are no surprises later down the track!

The size of the parking lot is also essential as it allows easy access for all cars without clogging up traffic on nearby streets and causing unnecessary congestion during peak hours (or worse — blocking off driveways).

Catering Options

While many venues offer catering, some don't. If you want to take the catering into your own hands, ensure a kitchen is available for you to use. It's also essential that the venue can meet your needs and requirements. For example, if you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies, you'll want to find out if they can accommodate those requests. Before finalising your booking, you should also ask about special requests such as vegetarian options.



The cost of a function is one of the most important aspects to consider. It is essential to find an affordable venue that can accommodate your group. Keep in mind that the price of the venue doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the event. There are many affordable venues that can accommodate large groups. You can also look for venues that offer discounted rates for groups.

Friendly and Professional Staff

Finally, make sure the people at your venue are friendly, helpful, and experienced! No matter how good your location, catering, A/V, and price are, grumpy or inattentive staff members can ruin the whole event. As part of the planning process, ask the venue if their staff members have experience managing events similar to what you are planning and if they will be your point of contact during your event. They will pair you with an Event Manager who will assist you with all logistics (room setup, menus, audio-visual requirements, etc.) and become an extension of your staff who are as equally passionate as you are about making your event a success.

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Casa Nova - The Best Venue for Your Birthday Parties or Any Event!

Looking for a place to host your next birthday event? A venue with all the bells and whistles, great food and service? Look no further than Casa Nova. We've got you covered, from catering to decorating to entertainment— we have it all!

Casa Nova is located in two areas in Newcastle, namely Honeysuckle  and Toronto, and we are open to hosting events of all kinds: birthday parties, corporate events, client appreciation nights… you name it. Our function rooms are modern and stylish, with lots of natural light, making them perfect for any event you can imagine. We also have a full-service catering menu that our professional staff can deliver or pick up on-site.

Our focus on the details makes Casa Nova unique: we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and at home. That's why we take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy the party!

We would be happy to help you plan your next event by clicking the “Contact The Team” button below then filling out the form on the “Contact Page.”

We look forward to planning your next event for you!

If you've made it this far, congratulations! We hope we've helped you narrow your options and find the perfect venue for your next birthday party.