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High Tea Newcastle with an Italian Twist
Casa Nova Restaurant Delights

Warmest greetings, food lovers and tea enthusiasts! High tea in Newcastle is not merely a meal. It's an explosion of flavours and a cherished tradition redefined into a stylish afternoon experience. Communal, convivial, and generously served, it's an exquisite fusion of conversation, relaxation, and a platter full of sweet and savoury treats.

Pause as we unveil an exceptional twist: Casa Nova Italian Restaurant in Newcastle, known for its unique gastronomic adventures, serves Italian high tea. This isn't just your ordinary afternoon snack; it's a fantastic reimagining of the afternoon delight. Marrying the traditional English high tea charm with an Italian flair, Casa Nova presents a feast with Italian pastries, aromatic espresso shots, teas, and even Italian cheeses. The presence of Italian zest in this setting is undoubtedly a gastronomic adventure you wouldn't want to miss. Stay hooked for more exciting food journeys yet to unfold!

The Casa Nova High Tea Experience

Treat your taste buds to this experience at Casa Nova, Newcastle's renowned Italian restaurant. Prepare to be amazed by their delicious delicacies, prepared precisely from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, as they provide a feast of sweet and savoury pleasures.

Italian High Tea Toronto: The Menu

Indulge in Casa Nova's Italian High Tea Toronto, where decadent sweet delicacies and gourmet savoury treats are available for $29 per person (minimum of two per reservation). Start with freshly baked scones and homemade jam, surrender to a classic Tiramisu, and cap off with tantalising Caramel Slices.

italian high tea toronto the menu

Then ascend to savoury heaven with Mushroom Arancini and quintessential finger sandwiches like Smoked Ham & Cheese and a Salmon & Cucumber Roulade. We cater to everyone by offering gluten-free alternatives for an additional $5. Casa Nova Toronto is the ideal afternoon retreat, offering endless coffee or tea, locally produced cuisine, and a welcoming ambience.

Italian High Tea Honeysuckle: The Menu

Experience the enchantment of Italy in every bite at Casa Nova's Italian High Tea Honeysuckle branch! Our menu features an irresistible mix of savoury delights, such as our Peas & Parmesan Arancini lavishly paired with Pink Sauce and a touch of Truffle Oil, classic Smoked Ham & Cheese Sandwich and an exquisite Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich. Our fried Mozzarella Sticks are paired perfectly with homemade Napoletana Sauce.

italian high tea honeysuckle the menu

Homemade scones topped with jam and cream satisfy sweet desires. What about a gluten-free option? Yes, and they are available for an additional $7 per person. Are you ready to escape to this ideal Italian gastronomic afternoon? A minimum of two persons and a 24-hour advance notice are required, so grab your tea buddy and make your reservations immediately!

Hospitality That Touches the Heart

At Casa Nova, the essence of the experience is in its friendly, attentive staff - they're the heart and soul of our restaurant. Always ready to give excellent service, they ensure your every need is met quickly, from ensuring your cup never runs dry to ensuring your napkin is always neatly folded. The advantages go beyond formality.

When you dine with us, we endeavour to know your preferences, take your order accurately, and provide a welcoming setting where lifetime relationships may be made and days can be brightened. After all, our objective is to provide both food and an experience. It is truly a delight to relish a delectable treat with loved ones who make it their mission to ensure that the moment is a memorable one for you!

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Fresh, Local, and Authentic: Casa Nova's Recipe for High Tea Perfection

Casa Nova's dedication to using fresh, local foods is a major reason for its stellar reputation. Their carefully organised menu shows how well classic Italian and fresh, local food from Newcastle go together. The result is a delectable high tea spread bursting with flavour. Every dish served has an unwavering devotion to quality and an appreciation for the bounty this beautiful city has to offer.

In conclusion, Casa Nova is undeniably the place to be for an unforgettable experience in Newcastle. From the welcoming atmosphere to the personable service and the passion for fine, local ingredients - every aspect works harmoniously to create a delightful and rewarding experience. The next time you crave a superb afternoon tea, think Casa Nova – where enjoyable moments abound and cherished memories are made.

Book Your High Tea Experience at Casa Nova Today!

There's no better time to indulge in a delectable gastronomic feast, with several packages catered to any budget. Enjoy excellent customer service, superb cuisine, a warm, inviting setting and make long-lasting memories with your friends and family. Extraordinary experiences are only a reservation away, so reserve your spot for Newcastle's best high tea and cherish every meal, sip, and moment. The moment has come to make your Casa Nova reservations!


*Please note that our menu items, ingredients, and drinks selections may change occasionally; please use these recommendations as a general guide.