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Italian Restaurant for Every Special
Occasion : Casa Nova

Step into the enchanting world of Casa Nova Italian Restaurant – a premier dining destination where every meal celebrates authentic Italian food and timeless charm. Known for our inviting ambience and rich culinary lineage, we've been winning over the hearts of food lovers since our inception.

At Casa Nova, we lay out a sumptuous spread of Italian delicacies that transport you straight to the sun-drenched landscapes of Italy while ensconced in a setting that resonates with warm and hospitable vibes.

Casa Nova: a Culinary Haven for Every Special Occasion

Italian cuisine's popularity stems from its comforting, warm, and contented nature, making Casa Nova the perfect culinary haven for any special event. We know that Italian food transcends a simple meal, uniting people as a language of love and celebration.

Dining at Casa Nova, adorned with carefully crafted Italian dishes, transports you to a loving Italian Grandma's kitchen. Our authentic menu, from the cosy Ravioli to the luxurious Osso Buco and sweet Italian Gelato, showcases the variety and richness of Italy's culinary legacy. Be it casual or extravagant, we ensure each dish elevates your gathering with memorable tastes and the essence of joy.

Our staff turns every celebration into an enchanting journey to Italy's heart as you and your guests revel in a delightful, unforgettable Italian feast.


romantic occasion

Casa Nova, the best Italian restaurant Newcastle is steeped in Italian tradition and taste, serves a delectable blend of romance, elegance, and irresistible Italian flavours, crafting the perfect backdrop for date night. Our ambience mirrors the captivating charm of old-world Italy, igniting a sense of warmth and intimacy, while our relaxed no-dress-code policy allows you to be comfortable and focus on the truly important - creating unforgettable memories.

We give a modern twist to timeless classics, offering a diverse menu that ensures an intriguing dining experience for you and your date. A night at Casa Nova is truly a sensory journey, an experience that soars above the ordinary yet never feels out of place or overwhelming.



Casa Nova is a sanctuary of love, bespoke experiences, and an idyllic setting for your unforgettable engagement festivities. Our passion for curating one-of-a-kind moments guarantees a truly bewitching evening that will linger in your hearts forever.

Here, we indulge your desires by crafting a personalised ambience adorned with a delectable selection of Italian culinary delights and tender romantic flourishes. Our unwavering dedication ensures a seamless execution of your fête, weaving a spellbinding story overflowing with the essence of Italian tradition and warmth.

Let us metamorphose your engagement into an extraordinary voyage of flavour and affection. Embrace this enchanting fusion of romance and customised service that mirrors the beauty of your own love story.


wedding occasions

Casa Nova stands unrivalled as the premier restaurant wedding venue in Newcastle! Boasting an inviting and contemporary interior, this culinary gem radiates romantic vibes in every corner. Located in both Toronto and Honeysuckle, our prime venues are easily accessible for all guests.

Our Honeysuckle branch even features a spacious outdoor area for hosting grand celebrations. The venues at our Italian restaurant is perfect for intimate weddings and offers a picturesque setting complemented by mouth-watering Italian cuisine. Trust our exceptional service and captivating ambience to make your special day extraordinary. Our aim is to assist you in creating cherished memories with your loved ones. You can rely on us for constant support.

Birthday Parties

birthday occasion

Casa Nova, gracing both Toronto and Honeysuckle, is truly a gem amongst Italian eateries for hosting memorable birthday bashes. The chic ambience of our Italian restaurant, coupled with its expansive array of wines and delightful cuisine, is bound to impress every guest. Casa Nova exudes a casual yet festive vibe, making it the go-to spot for jubilant gatherings, whether they're with close family or a circle of friends.

Over at our wine bar, indulge in your wine of choice without burning a hole in your pocket! We take pride in setting the mood for cheer and festivity, regardless of the age group celebrating. With our versatile menu, we've got something for everyone, perfect for both cosy meals and grand dinner parties. Further brightening your special day, we've got sparkling birthday perks and drool-worthy desserts lined up—because your joy is our delight!


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Casa Nova is the quintessential location to celebrate your anniversaries—an oasis of romance and intimacy cradled in a heartwarming ambience. We understand that an anniversary is not just a date on the calendar but a celebration of love and shared memories—so we go the extra mile to make your experience as personal and unique as your journey together.

Our charming ambience envelops you in a cocoon of love, creating an utterly romantic and memorable dining experience. Whether it's your first anniversary or your fiftieth, we create an atmosphere that evokes tenderness and connection.

Our commitment to customise each couple's experience sets Casa Nova apart. We strive to understand your unique story and preferences to tailor an unforgettable evening that echoes your love story. From your preferred table setting to the personalised menu, every aspect of your romantic dinner speaks volumes about your remarkable journey.

Business Meetings

restaurant for business meetings

Casa Nova flawlessly merges top-notch culinary experiences with classy ambiences - an ideal choice for any business event. Our adaptable venue can quickly transform to host meetings, conferences, and formal corporate dinners, each exuding sublime elegance and corporate grace.

Our services are tailored to meet the precise requirements of your corporate event. From detailing every room setup to fine-tuning the menu, our dedicated team assists you in realising your vision. With Casa Nova, your corporate events will witness the perfect blend of professionalism and authentic Italian sophistication.

Embrace the Magic of Italy!

Are you prepared to embark on a memorable culinary journey for your upcoming event? Casa Nova, the premier Italian Restaurant Newcastle sweeps you and your guests off your feet with an alluring blend of romance, sophistication, and the finest Italian flavours.

Make a reservation now and uncover the true essence of Italy in every bite!


*Please note that our menu items, ingredients, and drinks selections may change occasionally; please use these recommendations as a general guide.